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Skype video call

What do I need to start video calling with Skype for Android phones?

If your phone meets the minimum requirements, all you need to do to start making free* video calls over Skype is download Skype - Latest Version for Android and a stable network connection.

*Data charges from your operator may apply.

To avoid data charges over a 3G or 4G, we recommend using a WiFi connection for Skype video calls.

Skype video calling for Android 

How do I make a Skype video call?

Starting a video call on Skype for Android phones is easy. To make a video call:
Sign in to Skype.
Under People, tap the contact you’d like to video call.
Tap the video call icon skype video to start your video call.

Alternatively, you can turn on video during a Skype-to-Skype voice call. Simply tap the video camera icon skype video calling during a call to start sending video.

During a Skype video call

you can:
Tap skype video  1 to switch between the front and rear cameras, or to turn your video off.
Tap skype video 2 to mute your microphone.
Tap skype video 3 to see more options. From the menu, you can view and send instant messages or send files during the video call.
Tap skype video call end to end the video call.

If you don’t see these buttons, simply tap on the screen during a video call.

When you sign in to Skype for Android with your Microsoft account, you can video call your Messenger buddies, just like you would your Skype contacts.

When accepting a video call, you can choose to accept it with video skype video or voice skype video -  skype video calling for Android only.

How do I change my Skype video settings?

Your video call settings allow you to change your privacy and call quality options.

To edit your video call settings:
Sign in to Skype.
Tap your profile picture in the right corner of the screen.
Press the phone’s menu button or tap the menu icon skype video -  skype video calling for Android  menu.
Select Settings.
Scroll down to the Voice and video calls section.

Here you can select from the following options:
Receive calls from: choose who you receive Skype video calls from. You can use this option to stop unwanted video calls from unknown people.
Answer calls automatically: select this option if you want incoming voice and video calls to be answered automatically.
Enable video calling: on most devices, video calling is enabled by default.
Technical info: select this option if you want to see technical information about your call.
Video quality: choose your video call quality. The higher the quality, the more data a video call will use.
How do I end a video call or leave a video call window without ending the call?

You can end the video call by tapping the red end call button skype video -  skype video calling for Android . If you can’t see the button, just tap the screen during a video call to display the video call options.

Alternatively, you can leave the video call window without ending the video call. Tap the backbutton on your tablet to go one step back in Skype, or tap the home button to go to the desktop. This doesn’t end your video call, and it will appear in a small floating window in the right corner of your screen. Now you can tap the floating window to go back to your video call.

How can I ensure the best Skype video call quality?

The quality of a video call depends on available network conditions. The faster your data connection, the better quality your video call will be. We also recommend that you don’t have a large number of other applications running at the same time, as this can use your phone’s memory.
Can I start or participate in a group video call?

Unfortunately, Skype for Android doesn’t support group video calls. You can participate in a group call, but only using audio. You will not be able to send or receive video.

Download Skype Latest Version Apk:

  •  Price: A Free App for $0 without In-App Purchases
  •  Content Rating: Medium Maturity
  •  Requires: Android 4.0 and up
  •  File Name: skype-free-im-video-calls.apk


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