ADW Launcher Ex Apk free Download

By: Zohaib

ADW Launcher Ex Apk free Download

The latest version of ADW Launcher Ex apk, has new features that, hopefully, add more usability. ADW ex Launcher apk most notable changes from the previous version are:

  • The option to choose a light or dark theme for ADW Ex’s components.
  • A new way to choose Drawer and Desktop transitions in ADW Ex apk.
  • A pin to unlock the Desktop and optionally a pin to secure apps from Launching in ADW ex apk  .
  • Additional folder preview styles and a new Category management system.
  • And much more. in ADW ex Apk See the changelog for the complete changes!
  • There are also some changes under the hood in the way themes are handled.
  • If you are a theme maker, head over to the ADW Theme Guide to see these changes.

ADW Launcher Ex apk new update generally means more features a.k.a. “bugs” :P
ADW Launcher Ex Apk free Download

And now for some screenshots that show case the new additions:
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Finally, thank you for the feedback and logs, keep them coming so we can squash all the bugs, add new features or simply let us know how we are doing.
Also make sure to check out the Tutorials section to see a step by step guide on the new features introduced in ADW!

Latest Changes in ADW Launcher Ex apk

  • New ADW ex App Groups manager to add/remove/rename/reorder Application Groups
  • New option to change the overall style (Light/Dark).
  • More visual list of transition effects/Drawer styles.
  • New way to configure a custom list for random desktop transitions.
  • 4 different icon backgrounds when folder previews are enabled.
  • 2 New orientation settings (portrait sensor/landscape sensor).
  • New ADWSettings layout for 7″ devices (Android 3.x+)
  • New Security settings to password-protect desktop/apps.
  • The ADW ex Config dialog can be assigned to gestures.
  • New LauncherActions to scroll through the screens (next/previous).
  • Changed LauncherActions, shortcuts and apps selection screens.
  • New themable elements.
  • Fixed wallpaper glitch when rotating the decive on some android versions.
  • Fixed direct dial icons not working on some *Samsung* devices…
  • Fixed some themes issues on android 4.1+
  • Some more reported errors fixed.


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