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Facebook Messenger 5.0 Apk Free Download

Facebook Messenger is the official IM app for Facebook users and you can download and install this app to have great conversations with your friends and family over Facebook’s social platform. The latest version of Facebook Messenger is which was last updated on May 8, 2014. You can download the full APK of this handy IM app at below provided download link or alternatively you can install the app from Google Play Store if your device supports the Play Store.

facebook messenger apk full app

What’s New in Facebook Messenger 5.0 Apk Full App

: In latest version,, of Facebook Messenger for Android, several improvements have been made. Some bugs have been fixed which were previously there in the app. Now the app is more stable and you will enjoy a better conversation with your friends and family members right from your Android mobile phone or tablet.
In version, now it is easier than ever to send images and voices (audio files) to your friends and family members. Moreover, you can play videos within the app or can share them with your friends and family. The instant media sharing feature of the app allows you to capture and share images and videos quickly and seamlessly.
Moreover, when someone sends you any content like a sticker, you can access it with great ease using the shortcuts. These and several other features have made Facebook Messenger the most stable among all previous versions. In addition, all previous features like free calls and text conversations have been made even better in the version

How to Download and Install Facebook Messenger Apk Full App:

 To install Facebook Messenger on your Android device, you have two options. The first is installing the app by downloading its direct (full) APK file and the second option is installing the app from Google Play Store.
If your device doesn’t support Google Play Store, then get the APK file at the direct APK download link and transfer it to your device’s SD card. From there, use any file explorer tool to open and install the app.
Alternatively, if your device supports Google Play Store, then follow the official Google Play Store link to get the app. It is a better option to download the app as Google Play Store will install the most suitable version of Facebook Messenger after evaluating your device’s compatibility to ensure that you don’t face any bugs in the app later.
So to download and install Facebook Messenger on your Android device and to start a cool conversation with your friends and family members, go through any of below download links. Enjoy a cool conversation on right on your Android device. Have fun 
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Facebook Messenger Free Download


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